Our Adventures Through Egypt

"Our adventures through Egypt (Cairo) started at the Hostgram hostel located in the area they call the European Section of downtown. It was down a side street in a very old Building. When we were dropped off outside the building we were met by front desk guy. He walked us up two scary flights of... Continue Reading →

Off To Cairo We Go!

John wanted to go back to Egypt to visit the old monuments and sites...this time he brought Jeanette! This is their story! "Hi Folks, Just a few words of how our trip started out on July 11 out of Lax, where of course at time of boarding the airlines check-in computer system went down. So... Continue Reading →

Hanoi, The Capital of Vietnam

Smooth Arrival into Hanoi At the airport in Laos heading to Hanoi, Vietnam. Meet this guy, he was rated in the top 10 at one time when he was lean and mean and "cowboyed-up" on the rodeo circuit. Sat and talked and sat with him at airport (he's been to about 60 countries). The man... Continue Reading →

The “Good Fortune” Birds of Cambodia

After leaving Siem Reap our next stop was the capital of Cambodia. Another bus trip through the villages. I enjoy the sights and I think Jeanette does also. Flying would probably probably take about and hour the bus ride about 6 hrs. It's just the experience of seeing the countryside which I enjoy. History of Cambodia... Continue Reading →

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