Three Crossings In One Day!

There are so many pictures that we have taken of these countries. Just things that you won't see at home. But that goes for anyplace. Since I've been at the Serengeti we've seen so many wild animals, but if it appears on National Geographic TV your going to spend alot of idle time waiting for... Continue Reading →

Entering the Serengeti Game Preserve!

Entering the Serengeti Game Preserve. Can you actually believe it...we got off the ground Lol Our first hyena, we were all excited. The Serengeti looks alot like the background behind the trees that the monkeys are playing in. Camping out, and when we pulled in we were met by zebras roaming throughout our tents. Leaving... Continue Reading →

Entering Tarangire National Park

After we spent our night at the coffee plantation we were introduced to our driver, Daniel who would be our guide for the next 8 days. Took off for our 1st safari which we had a choice of seeing Lake Manyara, where you will see wild animal, but it's a bird watchers paradise. Daniel suggested... Continue Reading →

Bye Egypt, Hello Tanzania!

We left Egypt with alot of great memories. Now it's onto Tanzania and the animal migration...9 days. The Roads in Arusha Arrived early in Arusha (Northern part) and were on our way to our hotel. Not a rough looking area, just a poor area. As we turned off the highway onto a dirt road I... Continue Reading →

Cruising Down The Nile River

On our Nile cruise we made a stop at Komo Omvo and Edfu. In Edfu we visited the temple of Horus, built around 3000 BC. We found hieroglyphics showing the Egyptians were the first to have wifi. (Look at symbols in photos) On our way to Luxor our cruise boat had to go through LOCKS... Continue Reading →

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