About The Yellow T-Shirt

How I came up with this name travels of the yellow t shirt, on my last trip I had 4 t-shirts. One I was drying around the neck with a hair dryer after wearing and washing it that night. Left the hair dryer on it to long and it melted it. Bummer, nice light REI t-shirt. Another one after a wash and wear I laid it on top of a lamp to dry and smelled something , it was my t-shirt burning. I only travel with 4 t-shirts . I guess I was wearing the Yellow T-Shirt to much for my youngest daughter Brittany liking and she commented”don’t you have any other t-shirts besides that yellow one. So that’s how the name came about. Now my daughter Brittany is documenting our travels through www.travelsoftheyellowtshirt.com.

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