Leopards, Gazelles, Giraffes, Baboons & Wildebeest at Tarangire Park!

This is where we spent the night before heading out the next day to the Serengeti. In the Tarangire park we did see a leopard, but they’re so far away, my phone is of no use for photos. They rarely move, and just like pictures you see, them lying out on some branch with their legs and tail hanging down. We did see a hippo but no lions or rhino’s though. Still have 3 parks to go!

Our Accommodations

Here is where we are spending the night and our greeters.

Our room…and Jeanette taking an outdoor shower attached to our room.

Our morning sunrise against the Rift Valley.


2 of the Big 5

We left the comforts of our 5-Star accomadation after seeing 2 of the Big 5 (not the sporting goods store lol)… elephants and a leopard. Haven’t seen the Cape Buffalo, lion or rhinoceros. We did see warthogs, gazelles, giraffes, mongoose, baboons, wildebeest, and a hippo.

PHOTO-2018-08-16-14-56-59 2

A family of baboons. Two of the elephants were rough housing. A whole family of mongooses.

PHOTO-2018-08-16-14-37-45 2

Actually I wanted to sleep out in the tents like these for a couple nights.


Not quite in the game preserve yet. Look real close at Jeanette’s new best friend.


XOXO – John & Jeanette

(Sent 8-16-18)

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