Entering Tarangire National Park

After we spent our night at the coffee plantation we were introduced to our driver, Daniel who would be our guide for the next 8 days. Took off for our 1st safari which we had a choice of seeing Lake Manyara, where you will see wild animal, but it’s a bird watchers paradise. Daniel suggested we see Tarangire National Park.

Both parks are approx. two hrs from the coffee plantation. Again we took off from the plantation down the road which I knew was going to shake the Toyota apart. Rugged vehicle, at Tarangire we parked with “all” the other vehicles.

Daniel had to go get documents to enter the park and mentioned passport book, so we assumed we needed to check in also. Found a line with a bunch of tourist stood in it and signed our name. Jeanette and I don’t think it would of mattered if we signed it or not. They just wanted a head count or to see what country your from.

Anyways we did it and we were waiting back by the vehicle, watching a guy walk around spraying all the vehicles. The guy was spraying for the tsetse fly (t-see…can cause African sleeping sickness).


Entering Tarangire National Park


Baobab – upside down tree. Gigantic trunk and looks like all the limbs are the roots.

Big bull elephant passing between vehicles. Just get out of his way..pull up or pull back. They didn’t even pay attention to us. Scratching himself using a tree.

Warthogs, saw one go in butt first, and come flying out of the hole. Looked like butterflies came out after him..the guide goes their wasps. Lit that boy up!! One of the funniest things that I saw on our safari.

Elephants were cool..started out walking through water, one laid down and they all laid down and laid in the mud. The vehicles all had pop-ups. Jeanette and I had the vehicle all to ourself for the 8 days.

XOXO – John & Jeanette

(Sent 8-15-2018)



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