Sailing Into The Sunset – End of Egypt Trip

One final story about our Egypt trip. I wanted to take Jeanette on a felucca (an Egyptian sail boat) that ply the Nile river. I didn’t want to do a motorized one. Anyway our driver set it up for us and since he lived in Luxor brought his son along on our outing.


The deckhand made us tea and after we were through, rinsed the cups out in the Nile. After a couple hours sailing down and back their doing us a favor and dropping us off about one mile closer to our next destination. As we nearing the dock, other boats are docked. and about 4-5 ft. out the deckhand slips and fall into the water.

Jeanette screams/hollers, I see what happened and only his fingers are holding onto the edge of the boat. I rush over, Jeanette helps and our guide was on his phone sees and helps. What were trying to do is keep the boat from banging (like bumper cars) into each other, and injuring his hand. Anyway we kept the boats from hitting and he climbed back aboard, soaking wet, grinning and was probably more embarrassed than anything.

All worked out well though and we gave them a big tip for the entertainment. Lol.

This is what they look like without their sail up. Here’s us with the Capitan. Getting ready for tea.

XOXO – John & Jeanette

(Sent August 13, 2018)



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