Bye Egypt, Hello Tanzania!

We left Egypt with alot of great memories. Now it’s onto Tanzania and the animal migration…9 days.

The Roads in Arusha

Arrived early in Arusha (Northern part) and were on our way to our hotel. Not a rough looking area, just a poor area. As we turned off the highway onto a dirt road I thought to myself, this is going to be interesting…the road was probably one of the worst roads I’ve ever seen leading to a hotel.

Guys on motorcycles carrying whole bundles of green bananas going the other way. Arrived at our hotel, after passing thru security and here is this beautiful coffee plantation.


Hauling bananas. Jeanette and I ate “red bananas,” didn’t like them though.

Stroll Along The Road

They told us to hurry and check in, and were going for a stroll along the road that brought us here and meet the people. Checked in and took off. Our guide knew everyone, friendly people.

Our home on the coffee plantation. Our room was cold, they built us a fire that went out but started again sometime in the night….was able to sleep comfortably.

Crashing A Wedding!

Walked a short distance and came across a wedding that hadn’t quite started. Got permission for our group (maybe 8 of us) to walk in and see where the bride and groom will sit, it’s a Muslim wedding, (it was covered so nobody could see them, until the festivities started. Everyone was friendly, welcoming us.


Left on our little journey and since we had to come back the same way promised that we would come back. Returned about 30-40 minutes later and the festivities were on going. Wasn’t as easy to get in this time. But it was fun and enjoyable to watch.


This lady brought a beach ball. Kids loved them. Thoughtful!!!


XOXO – John & Jeanette

(Sent August 13, 2018)


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