Cruising Down The Nile River

On our Nile cruise we made a stop at Komo Omvo and Edfu. In Edfu we visited the temple of Horus, built around 3000 BC. We found hieroglyphics showing the Egyptians were the first to have wifi. (Look at symbols in photos)

On our way to Luxor our cruise boat had to go through LOCKS (similar to the Panama Canal Locks). Before going through the Locks we were greeted by vendors in small row boats throwing shirts, table cloths,scarves and other souvenirs up on the top deck of the boat where all us tourist were.

We all yelled “no” but they kept on throwing items up and we would throw them back, sometimes the items ending up in the water. No one on the boat wanted to buy anything and we were all saying “how would you negotiate or pay?”

At the locks our boat was bumping the side of the lock which wasn’t a lock at all. May have been on at one time now it was just a narrow passage. Up ahead about a 1/2 mile was the actual lock.


While passing through the locks I’m on the top deck and the captain is about 10 feet below me, he is yelling instructions to the navigator of the boat. I’m right above him and I could see everything he’s looking at. Looked like to me we were going (left side) to hit the concrete barrier and the captain was yelling like crazy at the navigator (driver of the boat) to get even. There is maybe a 5 feet total for the boat to get through (2 1/2 feet on each side).Was interesting. Had tires on each side to keep the boat from scraping the concrete sides.


I’m The Capitan Now

After getting through the locks the captain gave me a wave to come down. He asked if I wanted to steer the ship. Ended up costing me $5 but it was worth it.

Later on as we were on the top deck I could see the bridge coming up and the workers on the boat had already lowered the canopy on the top deck. The bridge was getting closer, I asked Jeanette to stand up and face me. She didn’t realise the bridge was so low. As the bridge gets real close I tell her to turn around.


She looks, she screens and she ducks. I stood there and say to myself “that’s low.” While passing under the bridge I turn around and the deckhands are all standing with their arms extended into the air. So I guess we did have some clearance. Sure seemed a lot lower though.

No Photos.

Our final stop on the cruise was Luxor. Home of the Valley of the Kings were King Tut was buried. This is the only place were I’ve got in trouble, so far. In the tomb of Ramses II the worker/guard took my phone away for taking pictures. I misunderstood our guide and thought he said only Pharoah Tut’s tomb was the only one we couldn’t take pictures of. Had to turn my phone in and get our guide who was waiting outside.


If you want to take photos you have to pay $17 when you buy your entrance. So our guide gave the guard 30 Egyptian pounds ($1.70) and gave John his phone back but told him no pictures. A few minutes later he tapped me on the shoulder and said it was ok to take photos which was great. Jeanette ended up tipping him another 20 Egyptian pounds ($1.13) (not knowing the guide had already given him 30).

About to enter tomb of King Tut. On some of the hieroglyphics (away from the elements) you can still see some paint. How is beyond me.

XOXO – John & Jeanette

(Sent August 7, 2018)

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