Blessed with Holding the Eternity Symbol – Abu Simbel, Egypt

On Tuesday July 17 we had to be ready by 330am for our 3.5 hour drive to Abu Simbel – a village in Nubia, southern Egypt, a For 3000 years it sat on the west bank of the Nile.


What makes Abu Simbel special is it had to be taken apart and moved 200 feet up otherwise it would be lost under the water of Lake Nasar again because High Aswan Dam.


Took 5 years and 3000 workers to complete. Abu Simbel is two temples. One for Ramses II and one for the temple of Hathor. This is where we found out that there was a Nefertari and Nefertiti (not the same woman).



Nefertari was married to Ramses II. Her name means “beautiful companion” Nefertiti was married to the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Nefertiti means  “the beauty has come.”


PHOTO-2018-08-01-02-14-07 2

Photos inside the temple can’t do it justice. Absolutely beautiful, granted when it was moved it had work done on it. It’s been said you would never known that it had been moved. Such a good job. You will see these names and dates etched on the columns of Ramses II by visitors (I presume).


PHOTO-2018-08-01-02-40-13 2You’ll see this symbol etched (carved) into all the hieroglyphics throughout the tombs….which means eternity. I figured I lost 5 years (of life) sucking in all the smog in China. And jumped into Lake Baikal (Russia), whole body underwater (which I did) you will get 25 added years or will be killed immediately (wife just laughed), but since I’ve been blessed with holding the Eternity symbol.


Actually it’s a door key and cost me $2.00 to hold it, Lol.



Ceiling of one of the temples, its said that when the Christian’s were hiding they cooked and all the soot covered the paint. When they tried to remove the soot the paint was destroyed. Italians (forgot what years) we were told had a formula to remove the soot without damaging the paint.





XOXO – John & Jeanette

(Sent August 1, 2018)


Enjoying the Egypt sunset


PHOTO-2018-08-01-03-04-22 2

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