Sound and Light show at the Giza Pyramids

PHOTO-2018-07-31-12-21-08.jpgOn July 15 took a 3 hour ride with our driver Ahmed and of Egyptologist Mohammed to the city of Alexandria (known as the pearl of the Mediterranean). Our first stop was Pompay’s Pilar which had a small amphitheater that resembled what you see in Greece.


Then off to the Catacombs that were found when a donkey fell through a sink hole. All bodies are gone however the wall etchings are still intact. Next was the Qaitbat Citadel which looked like a Disneyland fort, that protected Alexandria.


Alexandria Malecon

I really enjoyed watching the waves hit the base of the fort. In the harbor next to the Citadel the waves were quite rough. There was a tourist boat (about 18-20 feet) with 6 people aboard and one guy rowing. I’m looking at the big waves and thought to myself “this guy is not going to make it.” No one was wearing a life jacket. Crazy!


Didn’t get a chance to walk the Malecon but if you find yourself in Alexandria try to make time to walk along the sea. Looked pretty cool.

Headed back to Cairo and while in the car our driver asked if we wanted to go to the Sound and Light show at the Giza Pyramids. The day before we had asked our hotel about the show but they wanted $42 a person so we said no. Now the driver said the hotel will give us the tickets and transport for $30 — so we said OK.

In Egypt everything is negotiable.

The light show was 50 minutes long and was well worth it. Prior to the show our guide gave us a tour of one of the villages that surround the Pyramids. Unfortunately I left my phone in the car with the driver (fell out of my pocket). Jeanette did take pictures with her video camera so if you want to see the light show once were back just let us know!”


XOXO – John

(July 2018)


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