Our Adventures Through Egypt

“Our adventures through Egypt (Cairo) started at the Hostgram hostel located in the area they call the European Section of downtown. It was down a side street in a very old Building. When we were dropped off outside the building we were met by front desk guy. He walked us up two scary flights of old marble stairs and vacant floors. I thought to myself “this doesn’t look good”


But on the 3rd floor thru glass doors was a nice lobby area with some wonderful paintings painted by a friend of the owners, really pretty cool. After the formalities of checking in we sat down with the front desk guy to plan our next 3 days of sightseeing tours.
Our Egyptologist Mohammed and driver Ahmed (21 years old and I think practicing to be a nascar driver). Ahmed had no fear of mixing it up with traffic, You really have to see how they drive in Cairo.

No sleeping in on this trip.

It seems everyday since we’ve left it’s been busy with early morning starts each day. No sleeping in on this trip. After our full day of the temples and Pyramids of Cairo we took a Nile dinner cruise.


What made it special was a 25 member wedding celebration, the Belly Dancer and the Turkish Spinning dancer. The Turkish dancer got Jeanette Gaines up there to try her spinning action. I have to say she did pretty good and didn’t embarrass me. (unfortunately we can’t locate the video).

I wanted her to try the belly dancing but she didn’t go for it. At the end of the dinner we went up top and sat with some young Egyptians who wanted to practice their English with us. This is always a fun activity when you visit other countries to help improve their English.”

XOXO – John

(July 2018)

Hostgram Hostel in Cairo: https://www.facebook.com/hostgramhostel/ PHOTO-2018-07-30-22-20-49.jpg

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