Off To Cairo We Go!

John wanted to go back to Egypt to visit the old monuments and sites…this time he brought Jeanette! This is their story!


“Hi Folks,

Just a few words of how our trip started out on July 11 out of Lax, where of course at time of boarding the airlines check-in computer system went down. So the went with their back up plan of processing everyone manually. It must happen often as they already had signs for people to line up depending on your seat assignment.


This put us behind by 30 minutes but what’s 30 minutes when you have a 13 hour flight to Istanbul and an hour connection to Cairo! We arrived in Cairo late so off the pane we went, not jogging but moving pretty quick. Got to the departing gate only to find out that one of the pilots hadn’t shown up yet . So we found a seat at the cafe and read about Istanbul’s new airline terminal for an hour.


I was complaining how hot it was in the connecting terminal, standing you could reach up and almost touch the ceiling. Wife (Jeanette Gaines) says ‘we must be in the old terminal.’ I think she’s right.


Anyway about 40 minutes later we’re bussed out to the plane ( pilot finally showed up). Arrived in Cairo…going on 17 hours and now have to deal with immigration. We had a e-visa so wasn’t quite sure which line to go in.


There was “absolutely nobody “ to ask or get any kind of help. Granted we’re going on 11pm. So we asked other travelers around us and picked a line, of course the slowest line. The line were the immigration agent gave everyone the 3rd degree whereas the other 2 agents (there were only 3) would ask a couple of questions and stamp your passport book-moved pretty quick.


We would see people from our line move to the quick line and be out the door as we decided to stick it out in our line. Once it was our turn it was a piece of cake didn’t even really look at our e-visa. They see you are from the USA and your good to go.


Our poor driver was out side waiting for us over an hour but he was there with our name card. Off to Cairo we go😃


XOXO – John & Jeanette

(July 22nd, 2018)

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