The “Good Fortune” Birds of Cambodia

After leaving Siem Reap our next stop was the capital of Cambodia. Another bus trip through the villages. I enjoy the sights and I think Jeanette does also. Flying would probably probably take about and hour the bus ride about 6 hrs. It’s just the experience of seeing the countryside which I enjoy.

Our lobby at hotel…absolutely fabulous. Drive LooAnn was cool good guy.

History of Cambodia

Originally I was going to bypass Phnom Penh, but I had heard of the killing fields of Cambodia. Not only from the movie (which I will see when I get home). Spoke to a traveller who had been out to see the fields, very somber.

A monument to those who died during the rule of Khmer Rogue.

There are estimated to be around 20,000 of these fields around Cambodia where approx 1/3 of Cambodia’s population perished under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rogue 4 year (1975-79) rule. Seen the Nazi internment camps in Germany and Poland. Just have to say this one is just different.

I’m Like A Bird And Want To Fly Away…Sort Of.

On a brighter note the boardwalk was just a lot of fun and activity. Food, entertainment and people galore. One of the big things was the people selling these small birds to people…in pairs. They would buy the birds, hold them in their hands, whisper something to the birds and toss them in the air.


Sitting by a couple from Montana, trying to figure out what is meant by this act, they didn’t know either. This girl bought a couple said something tossed them, one flew off the other just fell straight down, think it was dead. Something about “good fortune.” Poor girl. It was just strange!!

River boardwalk. 
Our means of transportation. A/C is always on. 

Time to leave Cambodia!




Sent 1/19/18

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