The Awesome Sights of Kuala Lumpur

Arrive in Kuala Lumpur after a 6 hr. bus trip from Singapore. If we flew it would probaly have cost us a few more dollars than the bus. Reason being why we didn’t fly, is I enjoy seeing the countryside. Again it wasn’t the best of sights, to much freeway. Good thing about this bus trip, it dropped (stopped) right in front of our hotel.


What a really comfortable bus and we had the 1st two seats up front. Hotel was really nice. I would say the best one that we’ve stayed at. We figured out the metro system, but still decided to do a lot of the walking. Really inexpensive to ride the metro (underground) and they all seem to come stop at a mall.

How’s Jeanette Doing

She (Jeanette) can’t believe all the shopping that she could do here. Another time. We still enjoy all the variety of food that’s available. I told Jeanette that the hard part of the trip would be after we left Australia, because of the language barrier. Not been a problem, everyone speaks a little English. From the reception desk, waiters and sales personnel.

Jeanette’s getting waited on at an outdoor restaurant.

In my earlier travels I’ve heard about places from other (travellers) that Jeanette never has. She’s doing great, getting involved with other travellers that have been to where we’re going.

Just An Awesome Sight

A site about 200 yards from our hotel The Petronas Twin Towers was the world’s tallest structure until 2004. Signed up the day before for the next day for a 4:30 p.m., earliest that we could get in. Always enjoys getting up high to get an over view of the whole city.

We’re so high up here! We got to walk between the two towers.


One Of The Biggest Shrines Outside India

Another sight is the Batu Caves, which will cater to thousand in late January. One of the biggest shrines outside of India. Don’t know if you want to see this festival. There is piercing with metal hooks with ropes attached to them. Absolutely will be packed.


Getting ready to tackle the upper portion of the caves.
Hot and humid. We were beat after this day!


XOXO – John


Sent 1/8/17

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