Our little tutt-tutt turned into oncoming traffic – Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Hotels

Even though I’ve been in Singapore for a few days, just like to finish up a few things about Jakarta, Indonesia. Most people arrive and depart for other parts of Indonesia. Can’t say that I disagree with them. But we stayed in Jakarta for a couple days. Hotel was excellent. Nice bedroom, checked out the bathroom, noticed that it was a combo bathroom/shower with no shower door or curtain. Seen them before in other countries, but didn’t know if Jeanette had. She hadn’t. Told her it was just a bathroom with an open shower, no she told me it’s a shower with a toilet in it.

Though we had a driver/guide in Bali, here we just kind of winged it. Read about the old Dutch area of Kota on the coast. Decided to go up there, only Jeanette and I were the only two people walking around these old wooden schooners. To me I would of called them Chinese junks name that I knew them as.

This schooner just sat low in the water. Still applying their trade. You just had to see these old wooden boats. Even got to climb aboard one.

Some guy (2nd guy spoke english…1st guy didn’t, couldn’t understand him didn’t use him) comes up to us and asks if we would like to take a tour for $10 each. I thought to myself great get on one of these boats and never be seen again. But Jeanette wanted to, plus a van pulled up and 8 people got out for a tour.

We (driver, tour guide and us) got into a small wooden fishing boat and just toured along these old (really old) schooners. It was great watching them load the boat using antiquated rigging gear. They paid the equivalent $7.oo U.S.p/day docking fee and could dock there 7 days max. Most of the boats were heading across the sea to Borneo.


Organized Chaos

Was a fun tour and off to lunch/dinner. I’m not a late eater and I think Jeanette is (still don’t know after 39 yrs. marriage). So we try to eat before 5p. At dinner, submitting a video of how they drive, were on the 3rd. floor with a window.

All these drivers seem to know what they are doing.

Pure entertainment watching 2 guys hustling, stopping other cars while letting their car thru and getting some form of payment. Some guys gave them a coin…others didn’t. Cars going every which way. Our own driver in his little tutt-tutt turned back into oncoming traffic for about 50 yards (till he turned onto our hotel street), the oncoming cars didn’t honk, nothing. Jeanette and I were laughing, he dropped us off and we all started laughing again.

XOXO – John


Sent 1/1/18

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