Monkey Tricks in the Monkey Forest – Bali

“Monkeying Around” in Bali!

Had our driver (tour guide) for 2 full days. Had a great time at the Monkey Forest. For “x” amount of rupiads you could buy a banana (from a worker) hold your arm out (turn away from them), a monkey would jump on your shoulder grab the banana and start eating it. What got interesting was if another monkey wanted it also. They never hurt you, but the screeching and the one with the banana would jump off you and take off with the other in pursuit. Happened everywhere. The younger juveniles kind of had their own play area…non-stop wrestling.

If the monkeys got tired of the humans they had their own rest area that was off limits. The monkeys probably had a 6 ft. fence around parts of the enclosure. We asked the attendant “what happens when the monkeys venture outside their compound, which they do,” he says “monkeys smart they know what time feeding time is.”

Was a lot of fun dealing and watching them. Girls and women were definitely more afraid of them than the guys. One sat on Jeanette’s shoulder, one put his hand in my t-shirt pocket looking for food. These monkeys were pretty cool.

Beware Of The Wild Monkeys

Let me tell you about some other wild monkeys. Went out to see a couple temples 1) was built on a 200 ft. cliff and the other ( about 1/2 mile away) when the tide came in became and island. Tons of people there. If you ever want to see anything special try not to do it on Christmas break for the kids.Even though they don’t celebrate Christmas, a Christmas theme and music is everywhere.

About the temples, they were blocked off, except for special functions. You could see them, just couldn’t enter them. We’re told by our driver to be aware of these monkeys. Didn’t know they even had monkeys out here. Never said anything about the previous day venture .

Anyway found out soon enough as we started walking to the 1st temple. A gent was walking by with his family and told me I should remove my glasses. Showed me his, had a bite Mark and said the Monkey grab it off his face. Took mine off and put them in my pocket. 4 people that we saw had their glasses taken!

On our way our to the waterfalls, all these little communities have their own worshipping temples. I had to wear a sarong to enter them.

Jeanette came up with this explanation

The monkeys probably don’t get the treats that the monkeys do at the Monkey Forest. So they’ve learned a pair of glasses will get them a great. The attendants along the trail make hat and glasses wearers aware that the monkeys will take them. When the Monkey grabs something the attendant comes over and takes out a treat from a satchel, tosses it to the Monkey who had to use both hand to catch it and drops the glasses or whatever. The attendant has to climb over the block wall ( remember there is a big drop-off)and retrieve the item. Then, since you’ve been warned he will charge you 100,000 rupiads=$7.31 U.S. That is Jeanette’s explanation. These monkeys have everything in their possession, candy bars, full water bottles. Watch your belonging around these guys. Their good. Haha

Serene Waterfalls

On one of the tours in Bali, and a fun part was driving there. It was crazy but nobody has any dents on their cars. We headed out to a waterfalls (that was included) that will never be mistaken for Yosemite Falls, but non the less we had a fun time. Climbing down and getting some pictures taken by the local boys (friendly, helpful) and crossing the (bigger than a stream, but not as big as a river) water. Definitely didn’t want to fall in. Climbed up the other side, really a nice place to be to escape the hustle/ bustle of the city. Relaxing, when it rains it pours.

Going back to the hotel, both sides of the car have motorscotters heading the same directions we are. When it starts raining, they all pull over (not a scotter on the road) to wait out the rain, or put on rain gear and move on. For a moment there it’s like a normal street. Lol. For refreshments, it’s like a dry country. No wine that Jeanette was willing to pay that much for. Only thing that seems to be expensive. You really have to look.

Waterfall heart
Our own personnel heart at the falls!


XOXO John”


Sent 12/29/17

Monkey Forest Ubud

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