Hopping Around Australia

“If you ever get a chance visit Sydney, Australia it is such a friendly city. If your lost or didn’t know exactly which way to go there is always someone to help you, and trust me were always in that spot. It could be the bus, train or how to buy a ticket out of the machine. Jeanette is kind of hesitant to ask for help, not me. Great people always helpful.

A Christmas parade at city Hall. Photo of the city.

Mentioned earlier about our climb up the Harbor Bridge. Restrictions were, we had to take a sobriety test (blow into a breath analyzer), walk thru a metal detector and get a wand scan. If they felt you weren’t capable of climbing all the stairs they could deny you. Everything went well.


Made it to the top even though my legs hurt like crazy from climbing Ayers Rock the day before.

Swimming at Bondi Beach

Our little swim at Bondi Beach started about 10:30a, probably 45 min. later we were pooped…trying to body surf. Got knocked down a few times by the waves and even took a drink of salt water once…not by choice though. I was in better shape last time I was here …1968.



Did a lot of hop-on-hop-off bus rides around the city. Got a lot of info from people that we met who had already been here that was really helpful. Wherever we go it seems to be the case. We just exchange info. Made our way up to Bribane , got to see our 1st kangaroo, koala bear, Tasmanian Devil and Dingo dog.

Unfortunately it was at the zoo, and not in the wild. Was amazing that we got to feed the kangaroos, and watch the friendly interaction between the dingo dogs and zoo workers. Same goes for the koala bears and their friendliness.

Photo: We got to pet the koala bears. Photo 2: Beautiful wild lorikeet parrots could be 50, 200, or none if they have other food around. Zoo personnel start mixing food (a little before 4PM) and they start showing up like crazy. 

Happy Holidays XOXO – John & Jeanette’


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