Being An Outlaw in Australia

“Aw, finally got to fly. Left Queenstown and flew into Melbourne, Australia. To explain our travel pattern would be if you could imagine Australia as the U.S. and New Zealand is Cuba. Left Cuba (Queenstown, N.Z.), flew into Alabama (Melbourne, Aust.), on to Nebraska (Yulara…Uluru..Ayers Rock), Atlanta (Sydney), New York City (Brisbane), and finally Vermont (Cairns). Kind of goofy isn’t it. Haha.


Travel along the coast will be by train/plane. Got to see Wayne’s brother Rob ( last time I saw him and his lovely wife Kim was at Joe Jost’s, world famous bar..maybe.. in Long Beach 4-6 years ago). They showed us around their area, great bay, fishing, gondola ride and an 8 ft. Scottish guy (ok..on stilts, he could move good) with his dog. Which was some guy in a dog outfit. Everyone wanted to take a picture with the dog. Two (maybe) 16 yr. olds boy and girl got next to him and the dog lifted his leg and “pee’d'” …just water..on the girls leg. She screamed and ran and he took off after her on all fours. Hilarious!! In line for the tram and you could here a girl scream. We knew the dog was up to his old tricks. Said our goodbyes and took the train back to Melbourne. Walked along the river board walk. The shops are all decorated.

3 Football Fields High In the Sky

Watched the sun set from the highest point in the southern hemisphere, the Eureka Tower, almost 3 football high. Long day, went back to our room about 9:30-10p. Probaly one of the smallest rooms I’ve ever had. Clean and neat though.


“The Rock”

Had a long, exhilarating and exhausting day. Was up at 4am , picked-up at 4:45 and started our 8 mile hike around Ayers Rock. Flew into Uluru (Ayers Rock) yesterday, an got an excellent aerial view. Landed, one from Melbourne and one from Sydney per day, it seems one plane at a time. The fuel truck was there immediately, before we even got off the plane. Went in to get our luggage off the one carousel, and everyone gets on one of the 4 busses (unless your renting a car….the one time I thought about it, but we were already on the bus) that goes to one of the four hotels/bungalows.

Suppose to be 102° today. Suppose that is why we start walking at 5:30a this morning. They start shutting down the trails at 11am because it will get hot out here in the middle of the country. The evening we arrived Jeanette and I took a stroll (about 1/2mile) to a lookout spot. Not so much humid just hot. At the end of last nights walking tour we kinda got lost. But was rescued by 3 guys who worked and had been their many times.

Being An Outlaw in Australia

What a great looking hike. You would of been proud of me, l didn’t have to go to jail, but being fined is still up in the air. Climbed Ayers Rock at 5:26am by myself and when I got back down (maybe and hour 10 min) later without anyone’s permission a Ranger was waiting for me. Apparently I missed the sign saying the climb was closed due to high winds. All these other people were waiting to climb the Rock. Needed to show my CA.Drivers License. We kind of became buddies and all the Ranger said is he has to just turn my info in. But I was the only one that made it up the Rock. He blocked the climb off once I came down. This was a climb I have always wanted to do off my bucket list without being thrown in jail or fined (hopefully).

“Field of Light”


Last nights tour “Field of Light” by Bruce Minor had an area of approx. 8 football fields covered by 50,000 frosted hand blown spheres. Will be taken down March 31, 2018. Pitch black! All colors mixed together.

XOXO – John”

Sent 12/13

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