Tombstone Backpackers Hostel in Pitcon, NZ

“Leaving Wellington heading south to Picton on the ferry. This ferry will carry cars, trucks (18 wheelers),people and sheep. It’s a rare occasion when I land anywhere that I’m 75 yards from my hotel room and where I will depart from in a few days, but Wellington, NZ., it happened.

Arrived in Picton and almost the same setup as Wellington. Walked out of the ferry terminal and there was the hotel. Actually the name was Tombstone Backpackers. Guess what was on the other side of the street. A graveyard with a few going back to 1877, Jeanette said.


In Picton had about 3 hours before the tour… to see the world’s smallest dolphins and the world’s smallest penguins. So Jeanette Gaines and I decided to go hiking in the hills. We took a trail probably for advanced (not that long ..just steep) hikers. We’re sucking air ,sweating like dogs, but we made it and had a great view of the little town, ferries docked and a lumber yard we never knew was even there.

Did get to see a baby blue dolphin after another hike up a hill and see a memorial where Capt. Cook proclaimed all territory for England.

This photo was taken at the Te Papa museum in Wellington honoring those that fought in WW1. This was just one of many exhibits.


XOXO – John”

Sent 12/5/17

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