Our trip to Middle Earth AKA Wellington, New Zealand

“Went up the Auckland Sky Tower (700+ ft….higher than 2 football fields). Great view. Mom got mad and tried to see if I could fly. Lol

Here’s the skytower, a long ways to the top. Beautiful sights. Our ride that took us from Auckland to Wellington (heading south…upper deck front row seats) saw a lot of the countryside cattle, sheep, herds of deer and alpacas.

Did a hop-on-hop-off bus tour in Wellington. Went up to Mt.Victoria saw where people have lift chairs up to their homes. Great view from the top.

After the hop on hop off tour went on the Weta Cave Special Effects tour. Mainly Lord of the Rings. How a lot of the armor and swords are plastic. The artists turn the plastic into authentic looking weapons. The rubber pieces of the face, ears, feet and hands .


Really a lot of fun on these tours, to see how they put the pieces and parts together. WETA works on all types of movies. One of the model makers who had worked on a space movie showed us a before (parts he used) and after model (after the painters)l. He would go to the 2nd hand store and buy his “goods.” Toothbrush holder ,dominos, straws, long round pieces of wood. Pretty neat how it turns out.

XOXO – John”


Auckland, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

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