“I’m Going On An Adventure” – Bilbo Baggins

“After leaving Moorea in the French Polynesian Island and swimming with the 5-6 ft’ black tip sharks and sting rays and getting back to Tahiti, we rented a car and drove around the island. Saw a lot of sights, really nice. We planned to eat at the big food truck shindig that they have overnight at 6PM at the local park. Tour buses drop off all their people. All types of food. Got back to the hotel, car rental told us to just call them, fill the tank up, leave the keys at the desk and they would pick up the car. Good people.”

Next stop New Zealand.


Today was SUPER, got to see where they filmed the location of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies (Britt’s favorite movie), The Shire. Our tour guide Candace told us some of the inside info that was interesting…


  1. About how they needed a road to get all the equipment to the location and had to use the military to build the road. Everyone was sworn to secrecy but the towns people wanted to know what the military guys were doing. They were told it was construction exercises. The military guys got a bit tipsy and revealed what they were doing. They had to post 24 hr security to keep the people out.
  2. Regarding the scene where Bilbo Baggins celebration the extras were friends of the crew, it took 3 days to film. Fist day of filming didn’t work out. 2nd day it was decided to give them beer to loose them up, 3rd day was great. The extras didn’t know it was 1% beer!

– XOXO John”

Jeanette’s going on an adventure –

“Our guide needed a volunteer to run and say ‘I’m going on on adventure” like in the movie. No on would volunteer so our guide said she’d buy a beer for whoever would do it and again silence so I stepped up. (Pictured with free beer)


– XOXO Jeanette”

Sent Wednesday 11/29/17

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