Been a whirlwind of a start…

“Been a whirlwind of a start so far on a journey that will take us (Jeanette and I) thru the

  • French Polynesian Islands of Tahiti and Moorea
  • New Zealand – Arrived 11/27/17
  • Australia, Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • Loas
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong

Been here only two days and mom says “can you believe we have 50+ days to go!”


Started yesterday taking a truck tour with a newlywed couple from D.C., French couple, and a driver that took us up a mountain that was insane, but a great view once we got to the top! Monsoon rain, no problem, he just kept driving, just like our boat driver today.

Been a great first day and 6a-12half. Cant even begin to tell you about our LAX problems with your mom and her “pharmacy” trying to get thru screening or the 5 thousand people in front of us (we were 3 hours early) at check-in.

Another story. XOXO – Dad”

Sent 11/26/17

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